by Sebbe Lorand & Serena Grey

She is a flower of Mother Earth

gently starting to blossom

laying still in the grass

confused. In pain.

she believes her end is near-

only to stand up,

blossoming into the flower she grew to be.




The Mirror Gateway

The Mirror Gateway that we see in each other

like spirits connecting on a deeper consciousness,

exploring the other’s spirituality like we do,

grasping its own depth of clarity- of soul and beauty

seen unearthly and fragile-

gentle in every touch, you emotionally feel comfortable beyond your comprehension of the mind’s grasp on the soul

~Sebbe Lorand




Our Cloud, our World

Our creations written and painted

Amongst the other clouds of artists, our cloud carries us away

away from a deprived civilisation

We are ever growing in our hearts and minds

We are ever growing in our Art

Carried by the energies, we shine from our chakras

We get pushed up higher and higher

than ever before.

~Sebbe Lorand

Clouds Collage    Clouds light shimmer

Clouds 3Clouds chakras

Clouds close up textClouds text 2



Nightfall 444100042_2039306039426921_8072727698138464256_n44023213_348559135692264_6267784790259269632_n44023211_1977370865662419_8605999629407879168_n44126948_341098929996875_3688066663065845760_n

This poem was written by both of us as we were talking together at twilight~

Fall of the evening

The shimmers of light

Last ones before the dark of the night rolls in

The shadows are gathering to welcome in the night

The rays that warmed our soul gently give way

The last breath of the evening breeze caresses the sun as it disappears

To lead the moon into her spotlight

The last calls of the hedge and forest creatures echo

Through the expectant thinning light.

~S&S 2018


Soul Truths

Soul Truths

Maybe our brains won’t be able to grasp,

but my heart can feel it

to the depths of its core.

Maybe our brain is incapable,

but our soul can handle true depths

in essence of the reality

we never fully understand-

knowing we unwillingly already do

Our souls know their truths

Souls don’t use the language of words.

~by Sebbe Lorand July 2018



full size soul truths_Fotor

Infinity- το άπειρο

‘τα παντα ρεουν, τιποτα παραμενει ακινητο’

everything flows, nothing stays still


The infinite above me,

The multi-layered expanse of nothing & everything- does not scare me

Because I am you and you are me.

We are born of stardust

and rooted beneath the haven of Earth Mother Gaia’s soil-

There is no death-

only constant rebirth.

~Serena July 2018






I take all my free time I’m away from you and put it in a jar

Giving it to you

So you can have all my free time.

I make every working moment free

Liberate any second I can spend time with you

Because you matter so much.

Make any moment matter to you

And still keep adding little jars with any free moment I have away from you

For you to open every time you miss me a little

For you to savour every moment

We can’t be as one.

~Sebbe (June 2018)37362892_10156575784479711_3956235654999834624_n37295144_10156575784929711_99248344794136576_n37293802_10156575784089711_4540126185329262592_n37288362_10156575786209711_6942975450444464128_n37256279_10156575787239711_1415515766429581312_n37226444_10156575785649711_6757105329051271168_n37272464_10156576883544711_6165284266163830784_n37208298_10156575796824711_7497898092809682944_n


masks longSuperficial beauty, wearing a mask

hiding so much insecurity

roaming-only looking for destruction

trying so hard to break down the inner beauty

they see in others

the faker the better for them

that way they don’t have to show

how ugly they really are.