I take all my free time I’m away from you and put it in a jar

Giving it to you

So you can have all my free time.

I make every working moment free

Liberate any second I can spend time with you

Because you matter so much.

Make any moment matter to you

And still keep adding little jars with any free moment I have away from you

For you to open every time you miss me a little

For you to savour every moment

We can’t be as one.

~Sebbe (June 2018)37362892_10156575784479711_3956235654999834624_n37295144_10156575784929711_99248344794136576_n37293802_10156575784089711_4540126185329262592_n37288362_10156575786209711_6942975450444464128_n37256279_10156575787239711_1415515766429581312_n37226444_10156575785649711_6757105329051271168_n37272464_10156576883544711_6165284266163830784_n37208298_10156575796824711_7497898092809682944_n

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