“You have proven to your loved ones your strength- showing you can overcome.
You are showing will that you can remain even though the cries are loud, and the desires tempting.
You always amaze people around you because you stand strong, even when you are at your weakest.
You don’t disappoint because despite all the setbacks you still stand there every day. 
And you still go for it all the way.
All the past did make you who you are today.
Even if you aren’t feeling well, you still stand all that way.”

~Sebbe Lorand May 2019







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The Mirror Gateway

The Mirror Gateway that we see in each other

like spirits connecting on a deeper consciousness,

exploring the other’s spirituality like we do,

grasping its own depth of clarity- of soul and beauty

seen unearthly and fragile-

gentle in every touch, you emotionally feel comfortable beyond your comprehension of the mind’s grasp on the soul

~Sebbe Lorand



Soul Truths

Soul Truths

Maybe our brains won’t be able to grasp,

but my heart can feel it

to the depths of its core.

Maybe our brain is incapable,

but our soul can handle true depths

in essence of the reality

we never fully understand-

knowing we unwillingly already do

Our souls know their truths

Souls don’t use the language of words.

~by Sebbe Lorand July 2018



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