Thoughts behind our Poems & Art

Where it all started: Fleur 

These are our thoughts about what inspired this piece.

I was feeling like I had nothing left, nothing left to give anyone- my emotional energy spent on wasted interactions with friends and those who proved time and again that they had nothing to offer me in return. The girl is me, lying on the ground in a last attempt to embrace some kind of warmth from the Earth, imagining a meadow or sweet smelling grass to comfort me. I just wanted to lay down and give up….

Then Sebbe and I started talking- I started to feel alive again slowly- and as our conversations developed and we learned to trust each other, I felt myself coming alive again- and the flowers growing out from her symbolise that. ~ Serena

It was the first sketch of her laying down that inspired me- our deep chats about depression and looking in to our souls- our conversations about mother earth and her healing powers, about our shared belief in paganism. It became our little refuge. I felt the sentences flowing out harmoniously forming a serene and relaxing poem- How Mother Earth gave her the power to blossom again ~ Sebbe

For both of us, Fleur is a doorway that we both visualised to express our connection to Earth, to each other, and our own healing processes.~ Serena & Sebbe